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    Digital Tourism Norway

  • What We Do

    A Norwegian based company working with digital travel and tourism

    Our Customers

    Destination companies and tourism businesses

    Our customers in Norway are primarily destination marketing organization. These companies are business associations representing the travel industry. The destinations companies work with marketing - primarily digital marketing, destination development, MICE and ongoing projects.

    Our services

    We provide more than just consultancy services

    Digital tourism work with different web solutions and has experience from several content management systems, online booking systems and destination management systems. We work on content, SEO, digital marketing, digital strategy, statistics and offer IT project management.
    The 3 main web solutions our customers mainly work on; New Mind tellUS, Trekksoft and Citybreak.

    What’s next?

    The question we are all asking ourselves

    Digital Tourism Norway is constantly measuring and changing direction for our customers to ensure the best results. It is demanding to work on ever-changing solutions and social media. We spend time on keeping up to date and testing tourism related solutions. Not everything is suitable for our clients - at the end of the day – content is still king!

    Digital campaigns in Norway

    10 years of experience working on digital campaigns in Norway

    We build landing pages, write content and run campaigns on Facebook and Google. Please contact us if you need help on your digital campaigns. Norwegians love to travel and are quite affluent.

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    Curios about Norwegian destination marketing companies and digital tourism? Please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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